Plant Yn Darllen
2017 - 2018



What is your favourite activity during this school year and why?


Do you enjoy the hot weather?


What do you like most about National School Sport Week?


If I was going to live any country in the world I would choose .........


What new words did you learn during the Erasmus visit?


I enjoyed having the visitors here because ……

18/05/18 Do you recycle in your home?
11/05/18 What did you enjoy most about the Gardening Day?
04/05/18  What makes a great garden?
27/04/18 I like to live in Wales because ........
20/04/18 Where do you enjoy going on a bike?
23/03/18  Why do people give eggs at Easter?
16/03/18 My favourite sport is .........
09/03/18 What have you enjoyed most about Fairtrade week?
02/03/18 Following the recent snow, how many of you built a snowman?
16/02/18 I like to live in Wales because ........
09/02/18 What is your favourite healthy snack?
02/02/18 What would be your ideal school trip?
26/01/18 The best thing about our school is .....
19/01/18 What is your favourite television programme?
12/01/18 My best Christmas present was .......
15/12/17 The best sport in the world is…
08/12/17 I like to make Christmas Crafts because .........
01/12/17 Cold weather is better than hot weather!
24/11/17 What is your favourite television programme?
17/11/17 The best place I’ve ever been is ……..
10/11/17 How would you describe a perfect day for you?
20/10/17 During the half term holidays, I will be .......
13/10/17 I like the Autumn season because ..........
06/10/17 What do you like to cook?
29/09/17 Do you enjoy reading?
22/09/17 What do you enjoy the most in school?
15/09/17 What is your favourite activity during the weekend?

What did you like the most about the summer holidays and why?