The club provides an opportunity for pupils to develop basic skills on preparing and cooking food. There are a series of six sessions for pupils in Years 1 to 6 where the children prepare and cook simple and tasty snacks.

COOKERY CLUB 2017/2018

YEAR 1 - Well done to year 1 pupils for their enthusiasm and hard work preparing a range of tasty snacks during cookery club.


YEAR 2 -  Year 2 have been busy preparing tasty snacks in cooking club. Everyone contributed well and enjoyed a variety of healthy food. Well done!



YEAR 3 - Well done to year three pupils for their enthusiasm and hard work during their cooking sessions. Everyone worked well and prepared tasty snacks. Well done!

Clwb Coginio



YEAR 4 - Well done to year 4 pupils for their hard work and enthusiasm during their cookery sessions. Everyone worked hard and contributed well while preparing a variety of tasty snacks

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