International Activities

Autumn 2010 

The first ever International Committee was elected at Peniel School. Congratulations to Heledd who accepted the Managers role. 

 International Committee

Every class chose a country across the world and made research into their Christmas traditions! 

Reception Class - Australia
Years 1 & 2 - France
Years 3 & 4 - Germany
Years 5 & 6 - St. Lucia 

We had fun learning from each other in a school assembly "Christmas Over the World". 

Spring 2011 

We had a French Day in the School, with the pupils dressing up and learning about France, their traditions and language. 

The French night for parents, staff and friends was a great success, with all present enjoying refreshments and French themed entertainment. It was lovely to see the progress of the French group during their performance of the sketch!! Thank you to Mr. Gwyn Jones for overseeing the performance so well!! 

Summer 2011 

The International Committee had an invite to perform on St Peters stage to celebrate International European Day. They folk danced, spoke for the local radio and collected a bagful of freebies!

Dawnsio Rhyngwladol

This years’ International Committee performed their last duties as a group during a recent open evening at the school. They talked about the schools’ International activities this term and introduced a picture presentation of the teachers’ visits to our partner school in Lesotho. Thank you to all 6 girls for their enthusiasm and participation during the first year of Peniel’s International Committee. They have set a high standard for our future representatives! 10 applications were received this year for the schools’ International Committee and following their interviews this week, 6 new members have been selected to be part of our International Committee. They are Patrick, Mari, Lucy, Buddug, Mali and Rhiannon . Thank you to all who applied and we wish the new committee all the best for the coming year!